The Counter-Corruption Resource


SARCOE Is THE counter-corruption resource

In South Africa, SARCOE can train and provide independent practical counter-corruption assistance to bodies including:

  • Public Administration Ethics, Integrity and Disciplinary Technical Assistance Unit;
  • Auditor-General of South Africa;
  • Special Investigating Unit (SIU);
  • Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation (‘Hawks’);
  • Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA);
  • National Prosecuting Authority;
  • Office of the Public Protector;
  • South African Reserve Bank;
  • The Courts and Judiciary; and
  • Foreign direct investors and local companies of all sizes.

SARCOE can also provide training and assistance to public and private sector organisations and companies across Africa.

“Progress in the anti-corruption fight will require political will, more assertive independent oversight, and safe reporting channels for both whistle-blowers and ordinary citizens. Without these, it appears that South Africans will remain unconvinced that change has come.”

Afrobarometer Dispatch No. 476 – 15th September 2021