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Pan-African Counter-Corruption Assembly

On 28-29 September 2023, the SARCOE will hold the Pan-African Counter-Corruption Assembly (‘PACCA’) at STIAS, to which the Ministers of Justice of all African states are being invited as well as leading figures from IGOs, NGOs, MDBs, finance, law, business and the public sector. PACCA will be a high-level, intensive international conference focusing exclusively on identifying integrated and coordinated strategies for effectively and efficiently countering corruption throughout Africa. The resulting Counter-Corruption Framework will be subject to National Conversations administered by the SARCOE in nations across Africa, where the framework can be adopted and implemented locally to tackle and defeat corruption at national level.

The South Africa Dialogue

To be inaugurated in 2023, The South Africa Dialogue will be an annual event attended by African Heads of Government and their respective Ministers of Justice or equivalent together with other global leaders, captains of industry and the presidents of international governmental and non-governmental organisations. The South Africa Dialogue is expected to become Africa’s leading counter-corruption conclave.

The National Conversations

The National Conversations follow on from the Dialogue and focus exclusively on resolving domestic corruption problems within the overarching South Africa Dialogue Strategic Counter-Corruption Framework for Africa.