The National Convesations


  • National Conversations follow on from the Africa Counter-Corruption Dialogue and focus exclusively on resolving domestic corruption problems within the overarching Strategic Counter-Corruption Framework for Africa.
  • The AFCOE (run by the P-SA) will work to facilitate and convene National Conversations in the capitals of African states. The objective is to try to resolve national corruption problems at a national level, but within the pan-African grand strategy emanating from the Dialogue and contained within the Dialogue’s Strategic Counter-Corruption Framework for Africa.
  • For example, following the Dialogue, South African delegates can stay on for a further period of time to concentrate exclusively and at a working level on how to combat corruption in South Africa.
  • The National Conversation will be just that: it will involve all elements of society and at all levels. It will be inclusive and it is intended that the strategic level will give way to the discussions at the working level.
    The AFCOE will work to capture the essence of the conversation in an ordered and methodical manner, and it will present its findings to the sponsoring government for wider dissemination and reliance.

Pan-African Counter-Corruption Assembly

From 2nd-3rd November 2023, the AFCOE will organise the Pan-African Counter-Corruption Assembly (PACCA). This will be a two-day, high-level, one-off, intensive international conference in Stellenbosch focusing exclusively on identifying integrated and coordinated strategies for effectively and efficiently countering corruption throughout Africa. PACCA is the precursor to the annual Africa Counter-Corruption Dialogue (i.e., the Dialogue flows from the Assembly).

The Africa Counter-Coruption Dialogue

The AFCOE will organise the Dialogue, an annual two-day ‘grand strategic’ conclave, held in Stellenbosch and attended by world leaders and experts (e.g., Presidents, Prime Ministers, Ministers, IGOs, NGOs, academic leaders, and experts within the private sector).