The Africa Counter-Corruption Dialogue


  • The Dialogue is inspired by the success of the Manama Dialogue (security in the Middle East) and Davos (the World Economic Forum).
  • The Dialogue is an annual two-day ‘grand strategic’ conclave, held in Stellenbosch and attended by world leaders and experts (e.g., Presidents, Prime Ministers, Ministers, IGOs, NGOs, academic leaders, and experts within the private sector).
  • The objective is to (1) build on and develop the work started at the Pan-African Counter-Corruption Assembly (being held on 2nd-3rd November 2023), and (2) identify and help implement effective, efficient and deliverable national and regional strategies for combatting corruption.
  • The product is the Strategic Counter-Corruption Framework for Africa – which is a grand strategic living document.
  • The Dialogue is presented as a pan-African strategic response primarily (but not exclusively) by African governments to the undoubted problem of corruption on the African continent. This dialogue benefits from high-level insight from the international community, including governments from outside Africa, the IGO/ NGO community, the private sector, etc.
  • The Dialogue is intended to complement, not compete with, the work of the UNODC and its promulgation of the UNCAC. The distinction being that the Dialogue is exclusively focused on identifying the right remedies for Africa: in other words, it will provide African solutions to African problems.
  • The Dialogue is intended to be a ‘living entity’, capable of adapting to confront the changing threats posed to African nations by corruption.
  • The Dialogue will be highly flexible and not constrained by conventional thinking.
  • The Dialogue will be funded by the South African Government and other African governments, the international community, sponsors, delegates’ fees, etc.
  • The AFCOE forms the Secretariat of the Stellenbosch Dialogue.

Pan-African Counter-Corruption Assembly

On 2nd-3rd November 2023, the SARCOE is hosting the Pan-African Counter-Corruption Assembly (PACCA). This will be a two-day, high-level, one-off, intensive international conference in Stellenbosch focusing exclusively on identifying integrated and coordinated strategies for effectively and efficiently countering corruption throughout Africa. PACCA is the precursor to the annual Africa Counter-Corruption Dialogue (i.e., the Dialogue flows from the Assembly).

The National Conversations

The National Conversations follow on from the Dialogue and focus exclusively on resolving domestic corruption problems within the overarching Strategic Counter-Corruption Framework for Africa.