Counter-Corruption Training for Professionals

UNIVERSITY-ACCREDITED courses for the public and private sectors


Pavocat South Africa (Pty) Ltd (part of the Pavocat Group of Companies, which specialise in (1) Counter-Corruption and (2) Human Rights and the Law of Armed Conflict) and South Africa’s acclaimed Stellenbosch University came together in 2021 to create the Pavocat-Stellenbosch Academy (“the PSA”). The PSA’s mandate is to deliver ‘gold-standard’ short courses for our Regional Centres of Excellence around the world.  The courses are specifically created for professionals operating in the fields of (1) counter-corruption and compliance.

Counter-corruption course participants include members of the Law Enforcement Community (e.g., police officers, prosecutors and judges), civil servants, compliance officers and those seeking knowledge and a professional qualification in countering corruption.

The PSA is based in and ordinarily operates from Stellenbosch University’s Law Faculty, but its courses can be delivered in a variety of ways and in any given jurisdiction. Without exception, all of the short courses offered by the PSA:

(1) are accredited by Stellenbosch University; 

(2) are taught by expert practitioners with decades of experience; 

(3) reach the rigorous academic standards expected by and from Africa’s foremost university; and 

(4) are highly practical in nature and directly relevant in their application. 

Depending upon their nature, the courses may run for up to three weeks.  They are designed and intended to enhance the professionalism and effectiveness of practitioners engaged in countering corruption.


1     Accredited Counter-Corruption Courses

Our counter-corruption courses provide high quality and examined education to those engaged, or wishing to become involved, in investigating or prosecuting or otherwise dealing with corrupt practices nationally, regionally or internationally, in either the public or private sectors.  The courses lead to qualification as:

  • PSA Accredited Corruption Investigator (‘ACI’) – Levels 1-4
  • PSA Accredited Financial Analyst (“AFA”) – Levels 1-4
  • PSA Accredited Corruption Prosecutor (‘ACP’) – Levels 1-4
  • PSA Accredited Corruption Judge (‘ACJ’) – Levels 1-3
  • PSA Accredited Counter-Corruption Mediator (‘ACM’) – Levels 1-4
  • PSA Accredited Asset Recovery Practitioner (‘AARP’) – Levels 1-4
The ACJ course has 3 levels: Magistrate, High Court, Appeal Court.  All other courses have 4 levels: Graduate, Advanced, Expert and Trainer.

ACI, ACP and ACJ courses provided by the PSA will be taught online and augmented by classroom study conducted either at Stellenbosch University within one of the PSA’s Regional Centres of Excellence (‘RCOE’, such as the AFCOE) or at a designated centre.  Only those students attaining the high academic standard set by the PSA will be awarded the qualification of a PSA-certified ACI, AFA, ACP, ACJ, ACM or AARP.

In addition, separate standalone modules will be offered by the PSA in:

  • Creating, Managing and Leading Effective Counter-Corruption Teams;
  • Effective International Counter-Corruption Advocacy:
  • Specialist Counter-Corruption Legislative Drafting; and
  • Exposure to Crime in the Digitised Economy.

2     Private Sector Integrity and Compliance Training

To supply specialist Private Sector Integrity and Compliance Training to governments, intergovernmental organisations, commercial entities and businesses, not-for-profit organisations, charities and other such bodies on how best to prevent, detect, investigate and resolve corruption issues and problems.  Also to help and advise on associated matters, such as recovering the proceeds of kleptocracy and other such crimes. 

The high-quality training provided by the PSA’s faculty members, all of whom are experts in their respective fields, is innovative in its design and delivery, always bespoke and reassuringly on target.  The PSA has the capacity to deliver counter-corruption assistance ranging from individual one-off lectures or seminars through to detailed integrity, compliance, rule of law and governance programs that are both proportionate to a client’s needs and above all are effective.

Individuals or organisations can learn more about the PSA’s Counter-Corruption courses and services by contacting the AFCOE directly.