Fight Against Corruption Takes Step Forward Thanks to Collaboration Between The South Africa Regional Centre of Excellence in Integrity and National Prosecuting Authority

The South Africa Regional Centre of Excellence in Integrity (SARCOE) and South Africa’s National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) have agreed on a Memorandum of Understanding for SARCOE to design and deliver a pilot Training Course for up to fifteen of the NPA’s investigators and prosecutors.

The Training Course will deliver cutting edge training and education, accredited by Stellenbosch University, to the selected delegates, adding to the NPA’s already formidable skills and knowledge in the counter-corruption field.

Through the Memorandum of Understanding both the NPA and SARCOE have agreed and recognise that cooperation is to their mutual benefit, and to the benefit of the campaign to defeat corruption in South Africa. The understanding reached between the two parties means that SARCOE will develop a bespoke training programme for the NPA by co-ordinating with the Law Faculty at Stellenbosch University, which will deliver a blend of academic learning and practical training.

This understanding aims to:

  •     Develop and deliver a pilot training programme for up to fifteen selected lawyers and staff members from the National Prosecuting Authority
  •     Enhance the retention of lawyers and other staff members at the National Prosecuting Authority
  •     Offer similar training to other such prosecutorial authorities across Africa
  •     Identify funding opportunities for the delivery of training to overcome budgetary challenges faced by the National Prosecuting Authority
  •     Not compromise the essential prosecutorial independence and impartiality of the National Prosecuting Authority

SARCOE Co-Founder and Director Professor Geo Quinot said, “We are naturally delighted and honoured to have reached this memorandum of  understanding with the National Prosecuting Authority to develop and deliver a Training Course that could meet the future challenges that the National Prosecuting Authority will face as it continues to tackle corruption in South Africa.”

The National Prosecuting Authority has achieved considerable success to date investigating and prosecuting cases including foreign corporation ABB, individuals involved in the ESKOM scandal, and former President Jacob Zuma.  

SARCOE has also welcomed the news that the Investigating Directorate is to become a permanent feature within the South African Justice System. The consultation announced by President Ramaphosa in his recent State of the Nation Address speaks to the need to safeguard the independence of the Investigating Directorate, prescribe its powers and address funding and operational requirements.

SARCOE Co-Founder and Director Professor Geo Quinot said, “There are significant steps being taken to address the scourge of corruption in South Africa, including making the Investigating Directorate a permanent feature in the South African Justice System.”

Professor Geo Quinot continued, “The delivery of the SARCOE Training Course will demonstrate that developing staff through training and education will provide the National Prosecuting Authority skills and knowledge that will enable it to continue its fight against corruption in the future, adding to its already formidable arsenal, and bring to justice those who would seek personal gain through corrupt means.”